“Little girls are just angels who haven’t yet spread their wings.”
~ Author Unknown

When the pink and white azaleas burst in Atlanta, it’s really like no other beauty.

And when I have a new bright green chair and sweet girls to boot, it’s a great combination in my opinion!

“All for one and one for all

My brother and my friend

What fun we have

The time we share

Brothers ’til the end.” ~ author unknown

One…two…three brothers! Best way to catch this much enthusiasm is through individual portraits, which perfectly coincide with baby brother’s first year portraits. Another stunningly beautiful spring morning in Atlanta, only made better by capturing three boys each full of their own personality!

One thing I want to teach my children is that things come and go, and it’s all good. And one area that this plays out nicely is hair: long or short, it will grow. So when A missed a couple of haircuts, and her hair is growing like one of those Barbie’s I had from the 80s, next thing I know, she’s going to cut it and donate it. Flash forward 18-months later: we took some lovely “long hair” portraits with some of the beautiful spring blooms, then we headed to our trusted hairdresser, who had also cut my hair short for a donation a few years back. A had 9 inches, which was not enough for Locks of Love (minimum 10 inches needed) but perfect for Pantene’s Beautiful Length’s (minimum 8 inches needed). The only downside was when little brother got hold of one of the ponytails and played with the hair!

So if you are growing your locks for love, why not capture the moment – before and after. Contact us for information on special portrait mini sessions for “hair” portraits.

“Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious?” ~ Stevie Wonder

Newborns are so full of squishy love – and Baby C was the perfect model at week one! And she posed so nicely in a special hat that was one of her first gifts. We were lucky to have some wide-eyed time, and super sleepy mode. I simply adore newborns, and this Stevie Wonder song always makes me think of my own!