“Hitch your wagon to a star!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you seen the new fall Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign, that features a tailgate party taking place on a stunning Woody, complete with monogrammed door, appropriate plaids, and a gaggle of smartly fashioned, beautiful people? I love it! Often called the original SUV, the Jeep Grand Waggoner is quite an Americana mobile  (I think some people even play “Hey there’s a Woody!” in addition, to “Punch Buggy, No Punch Backs”.)  I couldn’t wait to feature this newly hitched couple in the latest addition to their mountain home, as well as some great outdoor photos to commemorate a fantastic summer in Highlands.

Let the sky be the limit to your dreams – to infinity and beyond!

One of my favorite holidays is the 4th of July: I love the gathering of family, fun activities (sometimes a Peachtree Road Race!), and the fireworks. I also love the color combination of red, white and blue: Just check out my logo. But it’s not just a new thing for me: back in the mid-80s, on my first trip to NYC, I wanted a souvenier of my visit. I was enthralled with the Ralph Lauren store, and the very first edition of his flag sweaters had just been released, and I snatched one up. Which then lead to my obsession with flag sweaters. I still have my “vintage” sweater(s) and love to wear them when it gets really cold in Atlanta.

Throughout the month of July in Highlands, North Carolina, I had a series of family shoots, and I couldn’t wait to capture this family on the 4th of July at their stunningly beautiful mountain home. It was right before the festivities of the day got started, so everyone was in their red, white and blue attire and looking forward to spending the day together. Enjoy a few from the vibrant session – Cheers!

The family logo is a red canoe with “Tippecanoe” so we incorporated the red canoe into some of the portraits!

And one of just the cousins, with new ones on the way!

Fashionistas everywhere know all about the allure and rich history of the Hermes Birkin bag, and it’s extra special in their signature orange leather.  And my friend “A” is a fashionista, so I envisioned her baby’s 9-month shoot paired up with his mom’s gams, some fabulous Louboutin’s and her very own Birkin….the results are one of my favorite shoots ever. But I went one step further, and placed baby “D” in the Birkin – he fit perfectly! And did I mention he’s got the cutest baby blues too?

Back during my public relations career, I had the pleasure of working with the Hermes store in Dallas. I still love to pass on the tip that my boss Julia taught me from one of the Hermes family: the company’s name is pronounced like an “air mess”! Sometime let me demonstrate one of my specialities: all the ways you can tie an Hermes scarf!