“Well, color me happy!” ~ Vivian, Pretty Woman

I recently came across a note that I had started to jot, with no title but the following: “Pretty Woman”, “Overboard”, “Sixteen Candles”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Cruel Intentions”, “When Harry Met Sally” … and then I figured it out – it’s a list I was compiling of movies that I love and will stop and watch anytime, no matter how many times I have seen it. And then I thought it would make the perfect post title to one of my favorite holiday sessions this fall: three beautiful girlies captured in all of their cuteness, with a couple of clothing/prop changes to maximize our time together. In addition to the outfits they wore to the shoot (including some photos with mom!), we added colorful coats to change up the look, and then finished up by playing in my collection of tutus. A fun shoot with great results!

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