“Wear a smile – one size fits all.”  ~Author Unknown

It can be a tricky thing, getting a genuine smile from your subjects. And with all of the kids and families that I shoot, I have some tricks that I can pull out of my hat to get those *real* smiles. One of my faves is having them say “Hey Lady” – and I have kids come up to me all the times and call me the “Hey Lady Lady” (or Ms. Flashlight, as I tell them because my name is a hard one!). This is a family I have shot for several years, and I can’t wipe the smiles from their faces when we get together for a session! This year we went “urban” with the black and whites, and the resulting images were not only fun to create, but are fun to look at long after the shoot.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ~ Walt Disney

Quadruplets….I can only imagine in my wildest dreams what it must be like to raise four children of the same age. I had a very small glimpse of that task when I had the pleasure of photographing these four precious ones for their annual Christmas card. And while I can only imagine what it’s like to feed, clothe, put braces on, throw a birthday party for quads, etc.  - their mom is truly expert in managing multiples. My favorite tip from her: she learned while becoming an expert in making cupcakes for the kids’ class room, it’s best to ice them the morning of. Thanks again for a fun day together that was definitely four times the fun!

Love these fun, bright coats!