For more than a decade, Christy Fassnacht Photography has captured natural light portraits with an editorial flair at her indoor/outdoor studio and throughout Atlanta and Buckhead.

With an eye toward creating modern and authentic portraits in a relaxed atmosphere, we believe in the power of capturing today – to enjoy tomorrow. Sessions begin at $250, with a collection of print and digital products available in both collections and a la carte.

Interested in a portrait experience with personality, style and heart? Then you’re in just the right spot!

stylish portrait
photography for teens, tweens, seniors & families

stylish portrait photography
for teens, tweens, seniors & families

Based in Atlanta, Georgia

I’m Christy! I am an artist based in Atlanta, Georgia and I love to capture tweens, teens, families and children, along with commercial work and my personal travel projects. My natural light sessions are relaxed and easy-going – you can join me at a variety of great local spots throughout Buckhead and Atlanta, or I can even come to your home.

Photos always bring a smile to my face, and I hope that I can do the same for you. I know how much my family loves the images I create – so together let’s create some fabulous ones for yours!


oh hello

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around you might miss it!" - Ferris Bueller

My own children love to look at the photos I have taken of them over the years and it is always such a great conversation starter into our memories. But it was the recent passing of two friends - one unexpectedly and one anticipated - that reaffirmed that my gifts for documenting periods of time were a blessing to others.

I strive to make my sessions easy and flexible and even fun. I am approachable and always want to make sure my subjects look great. And I am passionate about capturing today in order to enjoy tomorrow. A cornerstone of my work is providing custom printed products because I want these memories printed on your walls and on your coffee table. After having photographed portraits for over a decade – many repeats, this is what I know: life goes by so fast!

 “Portraits are so expensive!”  “My kids are at awkward stage.” “I need to lose weight.” “We’re too busy for pictures.”

 Maybe it’s because my own kids are leaving the nest soon, but I continue to spread the message: 

“We have too many photos!!!!”
said no one ever! 

Don’t waste another opportunity to capture today!